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Monitor your world with $39 Motes sensors

Wimoto's Motes Indiegogo project wants to put small environmental sensors into the hands of anyone with a smartphone.

By Jun. 7, 2013


Sensor motes sniff out Google I/O data trends

A mesh network of 500 electronics boards captures radio noise, temperature, humidity, and foot traffic at Google's developer show.

By May. 14, 2013


Get your control freak on with stick-anywhere home sensors

Sense Mother and Motion Cookies are a flexible network of sensors you can put on anything from a toothbrush to a backpack. Feel better?

By Dec. 12, 2013


IBM launches Mote Runner for sensor networks

The Mote Runner software development is meant to help spur the so-called Internet of things by making sensor networks easier to deploy and manage.

By Jun. 7, 2010


Journey well worth the trip

Gorgeous, whimsical, and mysterious, Journey is a unique and experimental trip worth taking on the PSN.

By Mar. 13, 2012


Android Atlas Weekly 61: Google and Motorola, sitting in a tree... (Podcast)

The internet's abuzz with Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility. Plus, the Droid Bionic gets upstaged by its successor and Ice Cream Sandwich leaks on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly.

By Aug. 17, 2011


Wireless sensors the Lego way

A research institute in Ireland has created a platform that allows people to mix and match the components and capabilities of wireless sensors.

By Feb. 27, 2008


The back story on Glitch's back stories

It took Tiny Speck--which announced what it was working on Tuesday--many months to decide what the official back story for its new game was. But before the final version, it considered many options.

By Feb. 10, 2010


Olympus E-3: Flagship dSLR finally launches

Olympus has announced the launch of the E-3, a 10-megapixel flagship dSLR using the Four Thirds lens standard and an adjustable live view LCD display

By Oct. 17, 2007