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Kite Patch makes you invisible to mosquitoes

This lightweight patch can keep blood-sucking bugs away and could prove key in the global battle against malaria.

By Jul. 19, 2013


Itch at first bite: Researchers capture unnerving video of mosquitoes feeding

A mosquito lands on your leg. It takes you a few minutes to notice, but in that time a lot has happened. Check out some amazing footage of mosquito probes breaking through skin and searching for blood vessels.

By Aug. 7, 2013


Scientists to fight malaria via spermless mosquitoes

Researchers inject 10,000 mosquito embryos with tiny fragments of RNA designed to turn off the gene "zpg" that is necessary for sperm development.

By Aug. 9, 2011


Watch a laser gun kill mosquitoes

Nathan Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures creates a laser, from parts bought on eBay, that kills mosquitoes.

By Feb. 12, 2010


This laser gun zaps mosquitoes

Instrument appears to take a Death Star leaf out of the "Star War" book, with the laser designed to detect the audio frequency of beating wings, zero in on the culprit, and burn it on the spot.

By Mar. 19, 2009


Gates spreads malaria message with mosquitoes

Microsoft's co-founder releases the insects at the elite TED Conference to draw attention to the plight of those affected by the disease.

By Feb. 4, 2009


Scientists put backpacks on bees to study colony collapse

Australian scientists are fitting bees with tiny sensors so they can monitor and study the insects' drastically diminishing populations.

By Jan. 14, 2014


Researchers closing in on effective malaria vaccine

The early stage clinical trial is small, but out of the 15 volunteers given the highest dose of a malaria vaccine, 12 are showing total resistance to the disease.

By Aug. 8, 2013


JBL Pulse portable Bluetooth speaker

It may not sound quite good as some $200 competitors, but the JBL Pulse's integrated light show adds a flashy new dimension to the listening experience that makes it a worthy contender in a crowded market.

By Nov. 21, 2013

4 stars Editor's rating Nov. 21, 2013

Ward off malaria -- and look sexy doing it

Cornell University scientists tell infectious disease to buzz off with hooded garment infused with strong doses of insecticide.

By May. 21, 2012