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Blood-filled mosquito fossil found -- still no 'Jurassic Park'

It's not old enough to have slurped dino blood, but a well-fed mosquito from 46 million years ago is the first such fossil to be discovered.

By Oct. 15, 2013


Bzzzz...mosquito device estimates your age

From Japan, a device promises to guesstimate how old you are just by emitting a high-frequency sound similar to a mosquito's buzz.

By Feb. 25, 2010


Mosquito repellant for the true believer

It's only 9 bucks, so don't complain if it's a bust.

By Jul. 19, 2007


Photos: Micro Mosquito helicopter

When we first spotted this remote-controlled copter at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, we predicted it would be one of the "it" toys for the holidays. Well, we were right. The Micro Mosquito has been flying off shelves (sorry).

7 Images By Nov. 29, 2006


Army's new mosquito trap exploits "irrepressible urge"

Army goes to war with dengue spreading mosquito.

By Nov. 20, 2008


If a mosquito bites in Sub-Saharan Africa, grab your cell phone

The CellScope might revolutionize the speed and ease with which we diagnose and screen for malaria, tuberculosis, and more.

By Aug. 4, 2009


Micro Mosquito remote-control toy

Micro Mosquito remote-control toy

By Jan. 4, 2006


File this mosquito-repelling gadget under 'too good to be true'

Look, Declan, I used big words in this post.

By May. 29, 2007