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German court: Google must take down Max Mosley's racy pics

Although Google didn't actually take the pictures, the court said that Google was a distributor and, therefore, should take them down.

By January 24, 2014


Google starts scrubbing searches under EU's 'right to be forgotten'

Across much of Europe, people embarrassed by certain search results can prod Google and other search engines to clean things up.

By June 26, 2014


Google must delete search results on request, rules EU court

The top European court says you can ask Google to change or delete search listings that refer to you, giving you a "right to be forgotten".

By May 13, 2014


Privacy ruling forces Google to delete racy images

Google must remove from its search results photos of the former Formula One president at a sex party, a French court rules.

By November 6, 2013


Google slapped with lawsuit over man's salacious images

Former Formula One racing head Max Mosley has requested that images of him at a sex party be removed from the search engine.

By September 5, 2013


Hardware makers suffer through drive shortages

Here's a tour of how the Thailand flooding and a hard drive shortage affected three tech giants: Sony, Western Digital, and Seagate.

By February 3, 2012


Honda, Audi pull out of racing series

'Automotive News' reports on Audi and Honda's decisions to save money by pulling out of F1 and American Le Mans.

By December 9, 2008