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Morbid Marketing 101

By July 8, 2004


The 404 1,491: Where we QR in peace (podcast)

Why you should avoid buying a fake thumb extension to access your giant phablet, the 3-wheeled Segway nobody was waiting for, QR codes on gravestones, and does video game music increase workday productivity?

By May 22, 2014


New Star Soccer update brings headers, swerve kicks and more

Female players and the ability to retire are more new additions to the popular footie-app.

By October 18, 2013


Family films as lightning strikes car, recharges phones

When one of your kids says, "I hope we get struck by lightning" and then you are, you'd better be filming. This footage offers the scary realities of getting nature to knock your car out, while recharging your gadgets.

By August 10, 2013


If I Die app lets you leave final Facebook status update

A new Facebook app called If I Die allows you to send one last Facebook message after you kick the proverbial bucket.

By January 9, 2012


Edward Gorey meets video games: the ABC of Game Over

Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies got the video-game treatment in this mash-up by Brent Black, aka Brentalfloss.

By February 25, 2013


Here come Zynga's Bubble Safari spin-offs

Zynga takes advantage of the game's success and launches Bubble Safari Ocean and Bubble Safari on mobile.

By December 12, 2012


Funerals streamed online by webcams at Stafford crematorium

Too busy to attend a funeral? Stafford crematorium plans to stream live footage of funerals on the Internet.

By December 12, 2011


Safeway-size asteroid to get closer to Earth than satellites

NASA says there's no chance this "small asteroid" will strike the Earth, but it could be nasty if it did.

By February 4, 2013


When gamers die, their instructions can live on

Gamers are now making arrangements to notify other players in the event of their own death. And there are sites that will help them do it.

By March 15, 2009