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Samsung proposes five-year moratorium on patent injunctions

The company makes a pitch to the European Union, which is investigating whether Samsung is violating regulations on standard-essential patents.

By October 17, 2013


Samsung freezes salary increases as it prepares for mobile war

The company's moratorium on raises this year for executives now extends to all employees in South Korea, as the electronics giant focuses on facing its troubles in the mobile market.

By February 26, 2015


Killer robots may wage 'mechanical slaughter,' U.N. warns

A month after Human Rights Watch launched its "Campaign to Stop Killer Robots," a United Nations special rapporteur calls for a moratorium on robots that can kill without human control.

By May 30, 2013


Germany to shut down pre-1980 nuclear plants

Environment Minister says it's unclear whether the seven nuclear power plants shut down during the three-month moratorium would remain closed or be reconnected to the grid afterward.

By March 15, 2011


Bill for moratorium on cell phone taxes gets bipartisan support

The Cell Phone Tax Fairness Act of 2009 would ban new state and local wireless taxes for five years.

By March 19, 2009


Green news harvest: Climate bill scorecard, Bill Gates bails on ethanol

The Renewable Energy Business Network expands; there's a call for a moratorium on ocean iron fertilization; biomass attracts some more bucks; and Matt Damon hearts Tesla.

By June 3, 2008


Democrats fail (at least for now) to protect Net users from taxes

Democrats have had since January to schedule a vote on a bill that would protect Internet users from access taxes. They still haven't done so, and a temporary moratorium expires in just a few weeks.

By September 27, 2007


New Net taxes could arrive in November

Because Congress has yet to renew a moratorium on Net access taxes, users could pay more for DSL and cable modem bills.

By September 14, 2007


Explaining a Vista ban

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has put a moratorium on using Windows Vista, but that's business as usual, says agency's CIO.

By March 22, 2007


Senators target Net, phone taxes

Senate panel takes aim at Internet, mobile and local phone taxes. But Democrats say they'll oppose a permanent tax moratorium.

By June 28, 2006