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Moonlight makes it easy to edit video on your iPhone

Editing videos while on the go doesn't have to be hard.

By January 5, 2016


NASA satellite sees beauty in a moonlit blizzard

Moonlight and clouds star in a NASA image of the big US blizzard showing the storm lit up from above and below.

By January 25, 2016


Bloodborne: The Old Hunters expansion's new weapons

The Old Hunters expansion brings along with it new weapons including the Whirligig Saw, Holy Moonlight Blade, Simon's Bowblade, the Boom Hammer, the Bloodletter, a gatling gun, a shield and more.

By November 23, 2015


NASA photographer grabs rare shot of space station in front of moon

The International Space Station once again steps into the moonlight in an extraordinary photo. See if you can spot it.

By August 3, 2015


Google's blue moonlit doodle celebrates Debussy

August 22 sees the 151st birthday of composer Claude Debussy. Let's stroll by the river at moonlight, darlings.

By August 21, 2013


Moonlight 2.0 goes beta

The new test version of the Silverlight-on-Linux software incorporates Silverlight 2.0 as well as a few features from Silverlight 3.0.

By August 17, 2009


'Moonlight' heads to beta

As Microsoft hits the second anniversary of its deal with Novell, the software makers announce they are nearly ready with a beta version of the Linux-based Silverlight player.

By November 18, 2008


HP TouchSmart moonlighting as photo kiosk

Several companies that aren't HP are using the PC maker's touch-screen desktop

By March 3, 2009


The problems with Microsoft's Moonlight solution

Microsoft continues to manacle Novell's Moonlight potential with patent encumbrances.

By February 13, 2009


'Moonlight' makes progress on Silverlight for Linux

Mono project head Miguel De Icaza to demo an alpha of Silverlight running on Linux at Mix conference later this week.

By June 19, 2007