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When can a blah HTC ad be not so blah? When it features Gary Oldman

All you have to do, says Oldman, is ask the Internet. Because the Internet knows everything. And nothing. So he can just look at the camera and say "Blah." Which he does very well.

By March 26, 2014


At Christmas, a gadget is all some people have

While most people are getting together and celebrating, there are those who will spend the day with their lone hope being a gadget.

By December 24, 2013


Zuckerberg buys four new houses for, um, privacy

The Facebook CEO purchases four residences adjacent to his existing home. He's said to have reacted to a developer's plans to buy one of the houses and sell it as "the one next door to Zuckerberg."

By October 11, 2013


Buzz Out Loud 1401: Fail! Fail! Fail! (podcast)

On today's show, I tee off a little bit on Internet haters who just can't let it go ... in a way that might seem to suggest I can't let it go. Hm. Anyway, in tech news proper, Apple shareholders demand a succession plan, Verizon users demand their iPhone 4s, and AT&T demands $499 and a two-year contract for people who want an Atrix 4G with the laptop dock. Plus: Computer Love! Aloha, everyone! --Molly

By February 4, 2011


AT&T to roll out 3G MicroCell nationwide starting in April

AT&T will roll out 3G MicroCell femtocells nationwide starting in April

By March 24, 2010


Gadgettes 123: The nerd alert episode

We fully admit that we are all, at heart, nerds. But this episode is dedicated to that special kind of nerd. The kind that you find yourself turning to your friend to whisper into their ear "OMG nerd alert!"

By February 6, 2009


An open-source web moocher comes clean

Backcountry.com has proved itself a savvy citizen of the open-source community.

By October 13, 2007


Facebook launches API and bill-sharing service

Facebook launches API and bill-sharing service

By August 16, 2006


Fight the WiFi tyrants

WiFi hogs are preventing me from feeding my online video game addiction.

By December 10, 2004