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How does Monster.com use gender and ethnicity information?

Glaskowsky notices something odd on the Monster.com signup form.

By August 3, 2008


Twitter tells us in which state people hate their jobs the most

Technically Incorrect: An analysis of an entire year's tweets shows that there's a geographical split between those who say they like their work and those who say they don't.

By June 14, 2015


How to prepare yourself for Friday's apocalypse

App platform TrackVia has some suggestions to protect your tech before Friday's end of the world. I have one or two too.

By December 16, 2012


Recruiters post 1.7 million jobs on new Facebook jobs board

The new app makes job recruiting on the social network more high profile, something that should worry LinkedIn.

By November 14, 2012


Bright.com: Job searches done the dating-site way

New job search engine uses "science" to make matches, deploying proprietary algorithms that supposedly find the best fit between employers and job seekers.

By June 19, 2012


How U.S. sanctions hurt Iranian Internet activists

In 1997, President Clinton signed an executive order creating an electronic embargo against Iran. It's still in effect today -- and causing headaches and hassles for Internet companies.

By March 21, 2012


New & Noteworthy: Monster.com's lack of privacy; Elite purchases ComputerWare name; more

New & Noteworthy: Monster.com's lack of privacy; Elite purchases ComputerWare name; more

By September 6, 2001


Hotmail update lets you surf inside of e-mails

Hotmail has a new trick up its sleeve that lets you interact with the contents of HTML e-mails. Microsoft says it will be a big time saver.

By December 16, 2010


Lowered expenses help Yahoo beat Q3 expectations

Spinning off assets like HotJobs helped Yahoo eke out a profit once again this quarter, though things are still a yawn as the company remains beset by takeover rumors.

By October 19, 2010


Online job search dos and don'ts

Find your next job online without becoming a victim of a Web employment scam by knowing who you're dealing with and the best ways to catch the attention of legitimate employers.

By October 14, 2010