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Glam Media to Monetise ad network in U.K.

By acquiring the London-based specialist in digital advertising, the woman-focused ad network hopes to boost its international offerings as well as its entertainment properties.

By Jun. 17, 2008


LG 'looking into' reports its smart TVs are sharing private data

LG's smart TVs are sending information on what channels you watch and the names of media files you stream over your network, according to one blogger.

By Nov. 20, 2013


Micropayments, mega angst, and the future of console games

Sony and Microsoft have delivered their next-gen visions, but with this caveat: more microtransactions. Cash grab or survival strategy, it will surely generate controversy as 2014 rolls along.

By Dec. 19, 2013


AOL's Platform-A comes to France

As it continues its European expansion, AOL says that the ad product's audience in France is already 24 million.

By Nov. 4, 2008


Google and Twitter: Expect ads, not acquisitions

The latest reports suggest Google is the billionaire cash-waver at the doors of Twitter HQ, and the companies are talking both acquisition and co-operation

By Apr. 3, 2009


Former DoubleClick exec to head Glam Media's Japan division

Yukihiro Yamamura has held executive roles at the Japanese arms of both DoubleClick and Excite, and now will take on the job for the women's media and ad firm.

By Aug. 18, 2008


Sony BMG and 3 launch free mobile music videos

Mobile operator 3 has teamed up with the record label to launch free, ad-support music video downloads directly to customers' handsets. We examine whether the mobile market is ready

By Apr. 2, 2008


Glam Media's newest section targets African Americans

An advertising company that first focused on fashion, beauty, and celebrity gossip sites, Glam Media has expanded both geographically and content-wise over the past year.

By Sep. 10, 2008


Crave becomes a Texas Deputy, patrols Mexican border -- via the Web

Texas Sheriffs are recruiting Virtual Deputies to patrol the border with Mexico, via the Internet. We signed up to do our bit. We hope we get a badge and a cowboy hat

By Mar. 23, 2009


Copyleft newspapers: The Guardian's Open Platform, and why it matters

In a move to hitch copyleft ideals to its repository of 1 million articles, The Guardian wants to give Web site and app developers everything it has written since 1999, for free

By Mar. 11, 2009