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NASA 3D-prints a nebula, and you can too!

Ever wanted to hold a nebula in your hands? Well now you can thanks to plans from NASA. Warning: It kind of looks like two molars stuck together.

By July 11, 2014


Rich Kids of Instagram: What's not to love?

The Tumblr feed that exposes some of the louche antics of the young, restless, and loaded has suffered criticism. But why?

By August 19, 2012


How expert uses Skype to help men attract women

Marni Kinrys calls herself the Wing Girl. She wants to help men be more attractive to women. So she sits with them on Skype to gauge where they might be going wrong.

By February 19, 2011


A123 spinoff 24M funded for novel energy storage

Start-up 24M Technologies receives $10 million in venture funding to pursue high energy density storage for vehicles and grid storage that combines lithium ion and flow battery concepts.

By August 15, 2010


Korea cuts off kids' online gaming at midnight

The Korean government decides to shut off online games for a six-hour period at night for underage gamers in an attempt to address the problem of gaming addiction.

By April 12, 2010


Kill yellow teeth with USB microscope?

Japanese gadget maker Thanko launches a USB dental microscope that provides extreme closeups of your molars or wherever else the sun don't shine.

By August 2, 2009


Are Apple's ads really better than Microsoft's?

The generally accepted view is that Microsoft has some way to go to catch up to Apple in terms of brand image. But are Apple's ads really that much better? And if so, why?

By April 25, 2009


My (fake) interview with Michael Cote of RedMonk

It would be great if I could just write fiction all day long and not bother with having a real job or writing a blog.

By April 2, 2008


Nethrone's silver gaming chair

The Nethrone is making an appearance at CES 2006 -- a glistening silver chair designed to ease gamers and computer addicts into a restful, trance-like state. But it may have other uses...

December 29, 2005