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The Liberty Walk Ferrari F40: Is it OK to modify a legend?

For some the Ferrari F40 is a deity on wheels -- its perfect lines, stunning engine, and blistering performance can't be bettered. For others it's a blank canvas to be tinkered with.

By Sep. 25, 2013


Samsung, carriers to modify infringing devices, report says

The company is also reportedly considering reducing its reliance upon Android in favor of Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

By Aug. 30, 2012


Facebook will modify, not spike Beacon ads

A message board post from a company employee suggests that while the advertising application isn't going away, Facebook is responding to user complaints that it's invasive and difficult to opt out of.

By Nov. 29, 2007


T-Mobile scolded for ad campaign against AT&T

The National Advertising Division calls T-Mobile's claim of more bandwidth than AT&T "flawed" and asks the carrier to either modify or stop using it and several other claims.

By Sep. 17, 2013


Apple finally fixes 'gotofail' OS X security hole

After a multiday delay that irked users, Apple has released a system software update for OS X Mavericks that fixes what's become known as the "gotofail" security vulnerability.

By Feb. 25, 2014


Samsung Galaxy devices may have backdoor to user data, developer says

Developers working on Replicant, an open-source OS based on Android, claim to find a flaw that provides access "to read, write, and delete files" stored on some Samsung devices.

By Mar. 13, 2014


New Jersey joins Arizona and Texas in Tesla sales ban

New Jersey's Motor Vehicles Commission approved a rule today that bans Tesla's direct sales of vehicles to consumers.

By Mar. 11, 2014


Nintendo starts health business to improve your quality of life

The company also indicated that it plans to stay the course in gaming, despite its recent troubles.

By Mar. 3, 2014


Nintendo eyes smartphone apps to spur Wii U sales

The Japanese company is reportedly working to enable mobile app access on its consoles to boost flagging Wii U sales.

By May. 6, 2013


iOS 7.0.6 hits 13.3 percent adoption rate in North America

Rolled out to fix a critical security issue, the latest update to iOS surges on Chitika's ad network just two days after its debut.

By Feb. 26, 2014