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How will Starbucks goof your name? Find out with this Web app

Even if your name's fairly commonplace, some Starbucks baristas will still find a way to goof it up. Find out what your barista might write on your cup the next time you order a mocha frappuccino.

By April 21, 2015


Most expensive Starbucks drink in the world?

You think you paid a lot for your venti mocha latte today? Wait til you see how much one computer technician shelled out for a cup.

By February 15, 2012


Get five great indie games (PC) for $5

For about the price of a venti mocha, you can score five games that'll give you weeks' worth of entertainment (unlike, say, a venti mocha).

By June 24, 2011


Get BioShock (PC) for 5 bucks

One of the all-time great first-person shooter/RPG hybrids can be yours for the price of a venti cafe mocha. BioShock lasts a lot longer and has way fewer calories.

By November 1, 2010


The social network where you can't understand anyone: LiveMocha

A new language learning system combines a strong education program with a social network for feedback.

By September 24, 2007


Into the minds of strangers

Ever wonder what that guy standing in front of you at Starbucks is thinking as he grabs his grande double mocha java latte and dashes out the door? For Simon Hoegsberg, it wasn't enough to wonder what courses through the minds of strangers. He marched rig

By January 27, 2005


Mocha pulled off the Net

Bowing to an outcry, a freelance programmer pulls a tool off the Internet that could allow code from Java applets to be taken without permission.

By August 27, 1996