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If MobLogic is journalism, does that make Lindsay Campbell a journalist?

Lindsay Campbell is not a journalist, or at least she claims she isn't. The former host of Wall Strip and the current host and producer for MobLogic told her audience in the first episode of the program, "Now let me say right the from the start: I'm not a

By March 24, 2008


At SXSWi, Lindsay Campbell talks about the logic of Moblogic

The Web video star recently made the jump from Wallstrip, which was acquired by CBS Interactive, to a full-fledged new CBS online show. CNET News.com caught up with her in Austin to hear more.

By March 8, 2008


Camera phone buying guide

Digital cameras have become an inseparable component of mobile phone technology. With the quality of these cameras continually improving, CNET.com.au is here to guide you through the various pitfalls of separating the gems from the junk.

By March 16, 2008


Utterz: Yet another nanoblog platform... or is it?

Utterz looks a lot like Twitter at first blush, but it's really more of a multimedia moblogging platform.

By October 4, 2007


Moore's Law of Blogs

By August 2, 2005