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Intel's AppUp gets Moblin Netbook apps

The Atom-centric application storefront, which already carries Windows apps, in the future will also support apps written for the MeeGo platform.

By March 26, 2010


Intel: Moblin opens the way for Atom

q&a System software exec Doug Fisher discusses Moblin 2.1's features and benefits, and Intel's overall strategy for its open-source OS.

By October 8, 2009


Intel's Moblin 2.1 to compete with Windows

Unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum, the upcoming Moblin 2.1 operating system will run on mobile devices, Netbooks, and nettops, putting it in competition with Windows.

By September 25, 2009


Moblin makes the Linux 'desktop' more Mac-like

Linux Foundation's Moblin, in its refusal to clone the Windows experience, demonstrates just what can be on the "desktop," or, in this case, the Netbook.

By May 22, 2009


Intel and Novell take aim at Android with Moblin

Intel's Moblin operating system, a rival Linux distribution for mobile devices, is clearly aimed at Google's Android, but Microsoft's mobile plans may be collateral damage.

By May 7, 2009


Intel previews Atom 'Pineview' chip, Linux OS

Chipmaker has released information on its next-generation Atom processor and the beta of the Moblin 2.0 Linux operating system.

By May 19, 2009


LG first to tap Intel's 'Moorestown' chip for smartphone

The successor to Intel's current Atom processor will be part of a collaboration based on Intel's silicon and the Linux Moblin v2.0 software platform.

By February 15, 2009


Intel launches development kit for Atom apps

Intel rolls out beta of Software Development Kit for Atom Netbooks running Windows and Moblin. Chipmaker looking for new apps to boost Netbooks sales even higher.

By December 2, 2009


Intel talks Linux, Netbooks, and rivalry with ARM

q&a ZDNet UK speaks to Intel's Imad Sousou at this year's Open Source In Mobile conference to discuss the evolution of the Moblin Linux distribution.

By September 17, 2009


Buzz Out Loud 978: Blue screen of payment

Microsoft just got a patent for disabling your operating system until you pay an "agreed on sum of money." Also, we find out that Palm Pre is going to sell out which means Sprint can save a load on advertising. And Moblin is out for beta testing, even if

By May 20, 2009