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MobiBlu T10

The MobiBlu T10 is the worst touch-screen MP3 player we've seen.

March 27, 2008

1.5 stars Editors' rating March 27, 2008

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Mobiblu B2

The MobiBlu B2 is a compact MP3 player with several appealing extras and decent sound quality, but the Creative Zen V Plus matches, or beats it in almost every regard--and costs less.

February 11, 2008

2.5 stars Editors' rating February 11, 2008

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MobiBlu US2

MobiBlu's wearable US2 is sleek and feature packed, but the user interface isn't very sophisticated.

November 8, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating November 8, 2006

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MobiBlu Cube2

No doubt the cult of the Cube will continue with this new model, the world's smallest multimedia player. While it doesn't offer an ideal user experience, it makes up for it in style.

October 12, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating October 12, 2006

MobiBlu B153

MobiBlu's B153 isn't the most stylish MP3 player on the block, but if you're looking for an ultra-long-lasting device with plenty of features, it may be just the ticket.

May 26, 2006

3.5 stars Editors' rating May 26, 2006

Pricing not available


MobiBLU DAH-1500i

If you love all things tiny, consider picking up MobiBlu's cute cube, the DAH-1500i.

September 8, 2005

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 8, 2005

MobiBlu DAH-1400

The MobiBlu DAH-1400 sounds great and crams lots of features into its tiny yet elegant frame, but you'll have to spend some time with the manual to figure out how to use them all.

April 18, 2005

3 stars Editors' rating April 18, 2005

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MobiBlu DAH-1200

The DAH-1200 is a classic "kitchen sink" player that does everything reasonably well, but its unintuitive user interface spoils the fun.

March 3, 2005

2.5 stars Editors' rating March 3, 2005

Pricing not available


MobiBlu DAH-900

Although the DAH-900 has good points, similarly priced competitors have more.

March 16, 2004

3 stars Editors' rating March 16, 2004

Pricing not available

Editors' Take

MobiBlu DHH-100-5 (5GB)

Although MobiBLU's parent company is well known in Korea, it would appear the brand isn't about to be outdone by its American competitors. Its first microdrive player, the DHH-100-5, includes built-in stereo speakers and direct MP3 encoding via line-in--features we've never seen in this emerging category.

November 22, 2004

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