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New Microsoft Web app showcases vivid aerial pics

Microsoft launches a new application to show off its early efforts to produce high-resolution mapping imagery for the United States and Western Europe.

By June 27, 2011


New app lets you find--and make--friends in a crowd

Will eShadow, which debuts today at the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems in Minneapolis, foster friendships or paranoia?

By June 24, 2011


Road Trip Pic of the Day, 6/26: What is this?

This sculpture is a product of nature. If you know what this is and where it's located, you could win a prize in the CNET Road Trip Picture of the Day challenge.

By June 26, 2010


Road Trip pic of the day, 7/28: What and where is this?

In honor of the last week of Road Trip 2009, the Road Trip picture of the day challenge starts off the week with an easy one. Be first to identify this, and you'll win a prize.

By July 28, 2009


Road Trip pic of the day, 7/16: What and where?

This bridge is a relic, but once upon a time it was important to a lot of people. If you are the first to tell me what it's called, and where it's located, you'll win a prize.

By July 16, 2009


Road Trip 2009 hits 2,000 miles near largest bombing range in U.S.

In the days since 1,000 miles, Road Trip 2009 has visited some of the most incredible scenery America has to offer--and learned about some of the most sobering military realities.

By July 4, 2009


Arches and canyons and buttes, oh my!

Road Trip 2009 takes a swing through eastern Utah--and a brief journey across the border into Arizona--to see some of the most awe-inspiring rock formations on Earth.

By July 1, 2009


Unaddressed critical Java vulnerability in OS X

Apple has apparently not addressed a relatively long-standing bug in Java that allows for arbitrary code execution as the current user, which can be dangerous if you are running as administrator.

By May 20, 2009


This is why I live in Utah

Mountain biking in Utah. Why don't you live here?

By June 2, 2008


Review: 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 V8 FSI

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2008 Volkswagen Touareg 2 V8 FSI.

By March 14, 2008