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When will MMOs captivate console owners?

MMOs have long been successful on the PC. But in recent years, they have fallen flat on the console. At least one developer believes that will change going forward.

By Mar. 1, 2010


MMOs to help futurists solve world problems?

The Institute for the Future says it will launch a series of massively multiplayer forecasting games designed to employ the wisdom of the crowds in finding solutions to troubling scenarios.

By Sep. 23, 2008


Tabula Rasa: A clean slate for MMOs?

Online multiplayer veteran NCsoft is aggressively marketing its new online game as the antidote to mainstream MMOs, with mucho innovation crammed into its lithe sci-fi frame

By Jul. 26, 2007


What are MMOs really about?

By Feb. 28, 2006


Hands-on with The Elder Scrolls Online beta

A first look at this ambitious new MMO set in the world of Skyrim and Oblivion.

By Feb. 7, 2014


Subscriptions driving MMO game revenue

Game revenue is starting to transition from one-time game fees to subscriptions. Recurring revenue will help the gaming industry evolve, just as it did for software.

By Feb. 2, 2009


Zynga coy on next version of FarmVille

Zynga has its 2013 game pipeline largely set. Will FarmVille 2.0 be part of it?

By May. 16, 2012


How to do freemium right

Everywhere you look, games are going free-to-play, which sounds like a good thing. But sometimes the ways developers try to part you from your money are anything but fun.

By Dec. 17, 2013


The 7 worst things about iOS 7

Yesterday I laid out my favorite new features in iOS 7, but today I need to vent about Apple's latest mobile OS and I hope you're willing to listen.

By Sep. 19, 2013


Report: Virtual currency No. 1 digital goods purchase

Virtual currencies are taking off in free-to-play games and MMOs. Is this the path forward beyond online advertising?

By Sep. 14, 2009