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Sport Concept Cars

Watch sport concept cars while in screensaver mode.

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1,000+ videos of SUPERCARS! This app allows you to view high resolution videos and photos of supercars from all over the world. Includes thousands...

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Mitsuoka Orochi Zero special edition

Mitsuoka launches the Orochi Zero, a cheaper edition of its Orochi model.

By January 31, 2008


World's ugliest supercar transforms into a robot (car toys)

Behold the Mitsuoka Orochi. If you want the distinction of owning one, it'll cost you about $95,000 and the price of a plane ticket to Japan. Or, for about $60, you could pick up a much smaller version that transforms into a robot.

By May 28, 2010


Linux coming to cell phones

A half dozen companies are developing cell phones based on the open-source operating system, an executive familiar with the plans says. But the OS faces stiff competition.

By January 10, 2003