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Hanginout with Mitchie Brusco

The official Mitchie Brusco App.The Official Mitchie Brusco App. My Hanginout app was created so I can hangout with my friends and fans.As I'm on...


Mitchy Slick

Mitchy Slick, San Diego rapper, hustler, entrepreneur and founder of Tha Wrongkind Records celebrates the upcoming release of his next album, "Gang...


Mitchie's Amazing Adventures: The Trip to Saturn

Mitchie is having a horrible day, but, all of that changes when he meets Zing. On this, their first journey, Zing will take Mitchie on an amazing...


Mitchie's Amazing Adventures: Good Bye to Pluto

The adventure continues this time Mitch meets one of Zings friends and learns about the Solar System, the Milky Way, being different is ok and...

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