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Canonical survey: Ubuntu Server is mission-critical

Results of a survey by Ubuntu sponsor Canonical and analyst firm RedMonk say the Linux version is ready for the enterprise. Look out Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and Novell.

By February 5, 2009


Keeping the mission-critical out of the cloud

Cloud computing is in its "early days," but companies should begin experimenting with the technology, a Citrix executive says.

By September 3, 2008


Mission critical open source and referenceability

Open source is being deployed for mission critical applications to an amazing yet still young degree.

By December 8, 2007


Mission Critical Linux trimming down

The company has secured new funding but is paring down its business to focus on its core product as it faces increasing competition from Red Hat.

By March 1, 2002


Mission Critical Linux wins new customers

Mission Critical Linux has wooed several major customers to its services for keeping Linux servers up and running. Customers include storage giant EMC, Lucent Technologies and Sandia National Laboratories, the company said Wednesday. Mission Critical Linux competes with SteelEye Technology and Red Hat as well as traditional companies with software that keeps computing services available by letting one computer take over for a failed comrade. The start-up, based in Lowell, Mass., lured several Compaq Computer employees with experience in this "clustering" technology.

By March 8, 2001


Mission Critical Linux names new chief operating officer

The company taps into old-guard talent, hiring Robert Tumanic away from corporate-computing veteran Unisys to become the start-up's chief operating officer.

By November 5, 2000


Mission Critical Linux snags $20 million

General Atlantic Partners invests $20 million in the company, which is populated by numerous former Compaq employees who plan to make Linux as burly as its Unix cousins.

By June 19, 2000


Survey: Few companies virtualizing critical apps

Despite hype and promise of virtualization, many companies are avoiding the tech for mission-critical applications. A new survey helps to explain why.

By September 1, 2010


Mission Critical Software jumps 60 percent on debut

In the wake of such an IPO, what was once thought of as esoteric software "plumbing" could now be a springboard to success for several firms, according to industry observers.

August 5, 1999