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Man finds rock by river (it's a piece of space station Mir)

A Massachusetts man discovers a strange-looking green rock on the banks of the Merrimack River. He later discovers there's a reason it looks a bit unusual.

By June 15, 2013


This is what the new Lego Minecraft kits will look like

The new Minecraft Lego kits aren't set to go on sale until November, but Russia-based franchise Lego retailer Mir Kubikov leaked the sets a bit early.

By October 9, 2014


Chinese crew returns to Earth after ambitious test flight

China's fourth manned space flight ended with a jarring touchdown in Inner Mongolia after a successful flight to test docking procedures and techniques needed for building a Mir-class space station later this decade.

By June 28, 2012


Skylab space station launched: Tech Time Machine

The International Space Station orbits around Earth every 92 minutes, carrying a clutch of astronauts along with it. Without earlier space stations, such as the US' Skylab and Russia's Mir, mankind may not have had a permanent station in space.

By May 13, 2012


eBay shuts down Mir auctions

The leading auction site halts some 15 to 20 auctions listing pieces of Mir--including one in which bidding had reached more than $15,000.

March 23, 2001


NBCi taps contestants online for space survival

The TV producer of "Survivor" and NBC are creating a new show, "Destination Mir," and will send its winner on a rocket ride to Russia's Mir space station.

September 28, 2000


Short Take: Geeks in space

Microsoft's online magazine Mungo Park will feature launch-to-landing coverage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis's mission to dock with Russian Space Station Mir. The coverage will include astronauts' live accounts of their experiences in space; live chat and surround video from space may be included as well.

By December 11, 1996