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Windows XP's last hurrah

Although it will be supported and sold in limited fashion for some time to come, Monday marks the Microsoft operating system's last day as a widespread option on store shelves and new PCs.

By June 30, 2008


What we just learned about Windows 7

In his first interview discussing the next Windows, engineering head Steven Sinofsky didn't exactly tell all, though a few things are clearer. News.com's Ina Fried tries to make sense of things.

By May 27, 2008


Microsoft doesn't recommend creating Vista 'Lite'

Not surprisingly, the company advises against using vLite, or other tools that make changes to which components of the OS are installed. Such changes could make a system unstable or prevent future updates from installing properly, Microsoft says.

By January 30, 2008


Windows watch starts to point to 7

Speculation is mounting over what will be in the next version of Windows and when the update will take place.

By January 22, 2008


Windows gets a 'Mini-Me'

Microsoft engineer shows off a new "MinWin" kernel that takes up a fraction of the space of the traditional operating system.

By October 19, 2007


Leopard will open the Mac OS X floodgates (and embarrass Microsoft)

Microsoft is in trouble. And with the release of Leopard, it looks like it will only get worse for the software giant.

By October 29, 2007


Ballmer: Calling on mobile

Microsoft's CEO shares his big plans in mobile software, and why he thinks the iPhone is "quite nice."

By October 24, 2007