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Minox mints mini 24K gold-plated camera

This tiny $299 camera is bold in gold, but probably tough to hold.

By Feb. 24, 2012


Pentax K-m, Eye-Fi, Lensbaby, Seitz, Minox spy cameras, Hasselblad, Kodak and the rest round out Photokina

We meet the ugliest Pentax K-m, the first 6x17 digital camera, and a whole host of other new and interesting bits of kit to round out Photokina 2008

By Sep. 26, 2008


Minox DD1

Performance problems overshadow the DD1's quirky, cool design.

Oct. 20, 2003

2 stars Editors' rating Oct. 20, 2003

Pricing not available


Minox's quirky camera for scoping

It's a digital camera, monitor, and eye-piece, all rolled into one light package.

By Mar. 11, 2008


GoldenEar: $4.7 million speakers cast from 18-karat gold

Better hurry, there's only one set of insanely expensive gold Aural Pleasure speakers available for you to play your $129 iPod through.

By Aug. 16, 2012


Help for the sunburned and clueless

Sunbathing device underscores the obvious

By Dec. 13, 2006


Calculator sneaks in a spy camera

A small camera is built into the side of the calculator, so you can pretend to be punching in figures while you're actually recording a clip of your office nemesis.

By Oct. 7, 2008


This camera would get lost in Ft. Knox

The 24k Minot Carat has diamonds on its lense

By Nov. 14, 2006


Pentax K-m: All white on the night

The limited-edition Pentax K-m finished in ice-white will divide opinions among the 'serious' photographers, but the rest of us can look forward to a more colourful future

By Dec. 17, 2008


Swarovski-studded Olympus mju 1040: Lipstick on a pig

They say you can't polish a -- actually, never mind what they say. Swarovski certainly isn't listening with its latest crystal-studded violation of a gadget, the decidedly average Olympus mju 1040

By Oct. 14, 2008