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Kingston's new card reader handles SD, miniSD, and microSD in one package

Kingston's new MobileLite 9-in-1 memory card reader can handle SD, miniSD, and microSD media.

By June 28, 2007


Mini-SD? T-flash? Oink, oink...

Memory card reader shaped like a piggy bank.

By April 5, 2007


Turn your cell phone into an iPod

The $26.99 (after rebate) 4GB MiniSD card from Patriot can hold upwards of a thousand MP3s. Pop it into your phone and leave the iPod at home.

By November 19, 2007


SanDisk to supply Samsung with miniSD

SanDisk announces that it plans to supply Samsung Electronics with 32MB miniSD cards for its SPH-S2300 cell phone.

By September 14, 2004


Lexar Media sells miniSD worldwide

Lexar Media has begun selling its miniSD flash memory cards worldwide, the company announced on Wednesday in Hannover, Germany, at the CeBit trade show.

By March 17, 2004


4GB memory cards come with caveats

While Secure Digital (SD) memory cards are physically getting smaller, with miniSD and microSD quickly becoming a popular choice for mobile phones and MP3 players, the capacity of the regular postage-stamp sized SD cards has just taken a leap.

By July 25, 2006


iPaq leak tips Hewlett-Packard's hand

HP's hw6700 family is expected to be one of the first in PDA world to shift to a miniSD format.

By August 12, 2005