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VSCO Cam's minimalist interface helps you take great shots (pictures)

VSCO Cam for iOS offers a uniquely touchable interface with useful tools and effects to make your photos pop.

5 Images By Feb. 18, 2014


A minimalist alarm clock with an attitude (pictures)

The simple design of Carrot Alarm is easy to use, but if you decide to sleep in, you're going to be in trouble.

5 Images By Aug. 20, 2013


The weirdly minimalist trailer for 'Funny Or Die' Steve Jobs movie

"iSteve" promises to be, well, something. The teaser trailer teases and leaves one trailing.

By Apr. 2, 2013


Boston Acoustics' ultrasmall SoundWare XS speakers star in minimalist 2.1 system

Boston Acoustics' minimalist 2.1 system will feature the incredibly small SoundWare XS speakers and integrated amplification.

By Jan. 12, 2012


Sony Xperia S couples minimalist design with high-end features

The Sony Xperia S has a lot in common with Sony's other new smartphone, the Xperia Ion, though it takes a different approach to design.

By Jan. 10, 2012


'Optimus Popularis': Minimalist OLED QWERTY

For those who can afford it and those who obsess over design, your keyboard has arrived via Art Lebedev.

By Jun. 30, 2010


Minimalist magic: Altec's Octiv Mini

The Altec Lansing Octiv Mini is an ideal option for anyone seeking an affordable, minimalist iPhone speaker for the bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

By Jun. 29, 2010


Applying system updates: A minimalist approach

Minimizing the chances of major issues during a system update doesn't have to be complicated.

By Apr. 27, 2007


Songza: Minimalist music search

An elegant interface to YouTube's music videos. But is it kosher?

By Nov. 13, 2007


Google Reader gets a cleaner, minimalist look

Google Reader's got a brand new look, and extra functionality to boot. The blues are out, and in is a new look and new ways to get at your news.

By Dec. 4, 2008