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Best desktops of 2014

CNET's reviews of the best desktop computers include photos, video, and user reviews


​What is a desktop? New designs will change home computing, says Intel

At its keynote at Computex 2014, Intel sees unconventional design as the future of the PC in your home.

By June 2, 2014


The great $500 laptop challenge

With a $500 budget and a list of rules, we sent some CNET editors out to find the perfect budget laptop.

By August 2, 2013


This week in awesome: Twelve 4-star gadgets and apps

CNET Reviews Editor in Chief Lindsey Turrentine tells you which gear won top billing this week and sets the scene for a coming storm of device releases.

By August 18, 2012


This could be the world's lightest 11.6-inch laptop

Weighing in at just over two pounds, the new X11 notebook from Gigabyte reportedly takes the title as the world's lightest 11.6 incher.

By May 31, 2012


Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (Intel Atom N450)

Dell's basic Netbook adds better battery life and the newest Intel Atom CPU.

February 3, 2010


Is Dell's Inspiron Zino HD a Mac Mini killer?

We take a look at the Dell Inspiron Zino HD.

By January 15, 2010


Dell Inspiron Mini 10

The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is available in several configurations.

By August 11, 2009


Dell Inspiron Mini 10v

For a Netbook with standard components for the category, but a rock-bottom price and decent overall design, it's hard to beat Dell's Mini 10v.

August 11, 2009


Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell's popular Mini 10 is the most customizable Netbook we've seen. Adding extras such as a higher-resolution screen makes it more useful, but also blurs the price line between Netbooks and mainstream laptops.

August 10, 2009


Why has Dell killed off the Inspiron Mini 12?

It's true: Dell is killing off its large netbooks. Specifically, the axe has been slammed down on the metaphorical neck of the Inspiron Mini 12, Dell's 12-incher. We take a look at why

By August 9, 2009