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Facebook adds to the chatter with Mini-Feed comments

Members of social-networking site will be able to add comments on profile activity feeds, adding quips to status messages and profile updates, among other things.

By June 25, 2008


Facebook adds more services to Mini-Feed

Competing against the likes of FriendFeed, Facebook inserts YouTube, StumbleUpon, and Pandora into the service.

By May 23, 2008


Facebook expands Mini-Feed to include Digg

Social network gets its Mini-Feed import feature to include your recently "dugg" stories from Digg. Is this better than Digg's Facbook application?

By April 16, 2008


Facebook mini-feeds get hungrier: Yelp, Picasa, Flickr, Delicious

The social-networking site now allows members to pull in their feeds from those four services without installing a third-party application.

By April 15, 2008


Facebook launches new design

Face-lift of the social network's pages, which will not be immediately viewable by all users, includes an expanded Wall section that includes content from a user's Mini-Feed.

By July 21, 2008


Why does Facebook think you might have had a sex-change?

Facebook has been sending out messages that suggest you can optimize your mini-feed by specifying your sex.

By July 14, 2008


Loaded: Motley Crue and segways

Facebook launches a mini feed, Motley Crue rocks out on Rock Band, and a social network for segway owners. All 20 of you.

By April 20, 2008


Finetuning on Facebook

Streaming music site Finetune creates group or individual playlists that you can post to the Facebook Mini-Feed but offers no permanent embedded option yet.

By October 3, 2007