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Sprint eyes budget-minded customers with the Sharp Aquos Crystal

As it attempts a turnaround under a new CEO, the wireless carrier aims to be an affordable option to its competition. Offering Sharp's newest smartphone is part of that plan.

By August 19, 2014


Checking out a mind-reading pizza menu on Tomorrow Daily

Pizza Hut debuted a prototype software that scans your eye movement to pinpoint the toppings you've subconsciously been craving. Who's ready for a pineapple and anchovy pizza? (Not us. Gross!)

By December 8, 2014


Pizza Hut reads your mind, knows your order before you do

Pizza Hut has a new tablet-based menu that tracks eye movements to determine what toppings your subconscious secretly craves for your next pie.

By December 5, 2014


First-person Mario video will blow your mind

The flat world of classic Mario gets turned into a heart-pounding first-person adventure as you get a Mario-eye-view of a final level and boss fight.

By February 25, 2013


Mind those IMs--your cubicle's walls have eyes

As more firms install software to keep tabs on workers, start-ups and heavy hitters alike spy an opportunity in surveillance products.

By October 25, 2004


IBM unveils tools--with rivals in mind

Big Blue outlines its business software plans at its DeveloperWorks show, all with an eye toward putting some distance between itself and the competition.

May 8, 2002