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Google, Garmin, SpaceX win The Economist's Innovation Awards

Google, Garmin and great big space planes are among the winners of The Economist's Innovation Awards 2012.

By November 15, 2012


No time for Acer to be 'cautious' about mobile

In accepting CEO Gianfranco Lanci's resignation amid disagreements, Acer board reveals plan to stick with the PC business and proceed "cautiously" with mobile. That doesn't seem a viable option in this market.

By March 31, 2011


CES: Razer Switchblade aims to reinvent mobile PC gaming

Concept portable gaming system has a multitouch display and an adaptive LCD-based keyboard that changes dynamically depending on what you're playing.

By January 7, 2011


Razr Switchblade concept aims to reinvent mobile PC gaming

Razr's Switchblade concept is a portable gaming system with a multi-touch display and an adaptive tactile keyboard that changes dynamically depending on what you're playing.

By January 7, 2011


Foldable plug wins Design of the Year award: Glorious British plug gets even better

A flat-pack redesign of the traditional British three-pin plug has won the Brit Insurance Design of the Year Award 2010, making us wonder why no-one's thought of it before

By March 17, 2010


MacBook Pro vs. the PC competition

Mac or PC? The war rages on. We've thrown the most recent 13-inch MacBook Pro and the closest PC to a Mac we've seen, the Dell Studio XPS 13, into the ring for an all-out brawl.

By January 5, 2010


Redesigning the three-pin power plug

For his graduate student project, Min-Kyu Choi of the Royal College of Art in London came up with folding plug system inspired by the MacBook Air.

By December 14, 2009


The Real Deal 134: Free versus paid software

Free software is always better right? Not always. We'll help you decide when it's right to pay and give you some of our favorite free and open source picks.

By October 28, 2008


Crave Talk: Huckleberry Finn vs modern gadget-toting kids

Looks like our kids are richer than anyone suspected, carrying £664m of equipment in their schoolbags each day. How does this compare to what Huckleberry Finn carried to school?

By September 26, 2006