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Smile, you're on millimeter wave camera

TSA buys millimeter wave technology to scan passengers in volume.

By January 16, 2008


Senators rebuke Marshals Service on full-body scans

Democratic and Republican politicians press U.S. Marshals Service on surreptitious recording of millimeter wave body scans performed on Americans who enter a federal courthouse.

By August 19, 2010


Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images

U.S. Marshals Service acknowledges it surreptitiously recorded tens of thousands of images with a millimeter wave system at the security checkpoint in a Florida courthouse.

By August 4, 2010


House curbs 'virtual strip searches' at airports

Republican congressman's amendment curbing the use of X-ray and millimeter wave passenger body-scanning is approved, a blow to the TSA's plans for broader use of the controversial technique.

By June 5, 2009


Radio telescope technology reveals hot bodies on Earth

A new imaging system uses millimeter wave sensor technology to detect concealed weapons.

By March 2, 2007


U.K. police to test bomb-detecting body scanners

Government to evaluate Qinetiq's latest millimeter wave system for suitability in the antiterror campaign.

July 22, 2005


Photo: I spy security scanner

Qinetiq's millimeter wave airport scanner detects threats such as ceramic knives.

March 14, 2005