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Migrant Workers Rights

.3, , , , , . , ., , . DiscriptionKCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Union) provide labor information for migrant worker in koreaLabor Rights,...


Migrant & Asylum Rights

This app includes all the most important international legislation concerning migration rights and the rights of asylum seekers. All documents can...


USD 443 Migrant Education Program

The Migrant Education program is a national program that provides educational services and support to eligible migrant children. These services...


Skilled Migrants Professionals

Skilled Migrant Professionals (SMP) magazine is for all migrant professionals, investors and entrepreneurs who are engaged in delivering an expert...



A fun and challenging action/puzzle game based on the motion of ripples in a pool. Tap the screen to add a bubble. This causes a ripple to form at...

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Get together with friends or co-workers. See where they are on a map. Register for alerts if they're running late. No one ever needs to take their...



Do You Know If Your Site Is Running At This Moment?Be sure with Uptimetry, a subscription-based tool for monitoring your web resources. We prevent...


Pucker Lite

Pucker is an addictive game of strategy and cunning. The player launches pucks one at a time into a rectangular field, bouncing pucks off the walls...



Pucker is a game like no other. Position your launcher and fire a puck onto the board. It bounces off the walls and other pucks, slowing until it...


Flamingo FYI1

Getting to know the Planet Earth's new urban majority(written and illustrated by a bunch of economic migrants)


How smartphones offer Syrian refugees a lifeline

Startups and nonprofit organizations are offering high-tech assistance to the hyper-connected wave of Syrian refugees.

By November 27, 2015


Our crowdsourced sci-fi novel is halfway done, and tackling the afterlife

The world is helping CNET write an original science fiction book in just 30 days. Our story of conflict and discovery between future universes has taken off, but there's still time to help wrap it all up.

By November 16, 2015


Facebook sees a 'dislike' button in your future

In a Q&A session, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will offer more choices than merely "like." He also discusses virtual reality, artificial intelligence and his feelings about becoming a dad.

By September 15, 2015


Google Doodle honors author John Steinbeck

The author of such classics as "Of Mice and Men" and "The Grapes of Wrath" would have been 112 on Thursday.

By February 27, 2014


Notting Hill Carnival app arrives on iOS and Android

The official Notting Hill Carnival app for iOS and Android will help you find your way around this year's event, and locate the toilets.

By August 24, 2013


CNET's iPhone series and why we decided to write it

commentary Jay Greene traveled to China to trace how an iPhone is made and ultimately recycled. We hope he got you thinking about how all consumer electronics are made.

By September 27, 2012


Tougher policing of internet, TV, radio, print not a bad thing

I've been reading through the Federal Government's cure for insomnia and the media — the Convergence Review — for a little while now, and although it's great to see that the powers that be recognise the need for a media watchdog with a little more bite, I'm not holding my breath for any changes to be made anytime soon.

By May 17, 2012


Foxconn fiasco not Apple's finest hour

commentary Apple will likely emerge from the Foxconn dust-up relatively unscathed but it hardly covered itself in glory.

By March 30, 2012


Apple's supply chain: A portrait of a Foxconn factory worker

The Fair Labor Association's report on Foxconn's working conditions provides a nice composite sketch of your average Apple supply chain worker.

By March 29, 2012


Why Google should merge with Goldman Sachs

After each company receives a stinging rebuke from a departing employee, might a meeting of these two great corporate minds reap huge dividends?

By March 18, 2012