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Dutch court allows publication of Mifare security hole research

Court rules that preventing violation of RFID chip security flaw research would violate freedom of expression for Dutch University.

By July 18, 2008


London transit cards cracked and cloned

Researchers clone public transit cards in London to demonstrate vulnerabilities in the Mifare Classic smartcard used for transit and work access systems worldwide.

By June 26, 2008


Dutch reporter won't be charged for transit card fraud

Brenno de Winter was identified as a suspect after telling the public about how Holland's new transit chip card system could be defrauded.

By September 9, 2011


Journalist faces charges over transit card flaw reports

Brenno de Winter says case is hindering his writing about smart-card security and other security news and restricting his travel.

By August 1, 2011


SIM card flaw said to allow hijacking of millions of phones

Vulnerability in the security key that protects the card could allow eavesdropping on phone conversations, fraudulent purchases, or impersonation of the handset's owner, a security researcher warns.

By July 21, 2013


D-Day for RFID-based transit card systems

Dutch scientific paper and German research provides enough information for someone to make fake transit cards by exploiting a vulnerability in RFID smart card technology.

By October 6, 2008


Using the mobile phone as a credit card

French firm offers stickers that can turn your mobile phone into a contactless payment device for making purchases and accessing buildings and transit systems.

By October 23, 2008


Black Hat 2008 promises to be big

Controversial speakers and the addition of the "wall of sheep" from Defcon should make for a hot time in Las Vegas this year.

By August 4, 2008


Protecting against Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID data attacks

Speaker at hacker conference warns about security risks inherent in everyday electronics and suggests taking a hammer to your passport.

By July 19, 2008


Dutch chipmaker sues to silence security researchers

Smart card security research lands Dutch University in court on Thursday as NXP Semiconductors attempts to keep details of its products' security holes private.

By July 9, 2008