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Farmer in US Midwest unearths ancient woolly mammoth

A farmer digging in a Michigan soy field makes a startling discovery -- giant bones from the Pleistocene era.

By October 5, 2015


Score! Bone from mammoth found in university stadium end zone

Construction workers dug up a lot more than dirt when excavation at an Oregon sports stadium uncovered a massive mammoth femur bone.

By January 27, 2016


Tour the Midwest with the Road Trip Picture of the Day (pictures)

For seven weeks, CNET's Daniel Terdiman challenged readers to identify photographs taken from his travels. Here's a look at all 49 locations.

49 Images By August 19, 2013


What should CNET Road Trip not miss in the Midwest?

CNET's Daniel Terdiman wants your ideas on where to take his Road Trip 2013 project this summer. Suggest an idea he uses, and you could win a prize.

By May 2, 2013


Where should CNET Road Trip go in the Midwest?

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman is canvassing readers for ideas on where to take his Road Trip project this summer. Suggest an idea he uses, win a prize.

By March 18, 2013


Planes, trains, and automobiles: Road Trip 2013 comes to an end

For more than 5,200 miles over five weeks this summer, CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman toured the midwest, looking for great stories. Now it's time to start planning Road Trip 2014.

By August 19, 2013


GM invests $163 million in Midwest plants, retains 184 jobs

General Motors announces a $163.2 million investment in its operations in Flint and Bay City, Mich., and in Defiance, Ohio.

By November 26, 2010


Capability to charge EVs lacking in homes, apartments

With garage outlet access in only 49 percent of detached homes and 14 percent of apartments, is the real EV market in the Midwest suburbs?

By June 26, 2012


Midwest group agrees to sell Chinese EV

Automotive News reports on a deal by Bob Rohrman Auto Group to sell Chinese built Zotye electric SUVs.

By July 19, 2010


Google mulling plan to offer pay TV services?

The Web giant is considering adding TV services to a high-speed network it is building in the Midwest, sources tell the Wall Street Journal.

By November 3, 2011