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Midomi 3.0 seeks song lyrics, knows what's hot

Midomi changes names to SoundHound in version 3.0, and adds a slew of new features, from a Web search for lyrics to iTunes library access.

By December 3, 2009


Midomi music search gets funding and opportunities

Coming soon (we hope): Hum a song and create a Pandora channel; better iPhone voice controls; more.

By July 28, 2009


New SoundHound names that tune--for free (Android)

Following in the footsteps of its iPhone kin, the SoundHound music discovery app for Android now has free and premium versions.

By June 15, 2010


A new service can identify songs you hum or sing. It even worked with Rafe's off-key, out-of-tempo renditions.

A new service can identify songs you hum or sing. It even worked with Rafe's off-key, out-of-tempo renditions.

May 21, 2008


Sonic freebie: New, free SoundHound music-ID app for iPhone, iPad

SoundHound's premium song-tagging app offers a new free version without skimping on the features that make it great.

By April 27, 2010


20-app showdown: iPhone vs. iPad

Everyone knows that the iPad's screen is bigger, but does size necessarily give you better apps? We take a look at 20 popular cross-device apps to show you how they differ.

By April 29, 2010


Google Gmail press conference (live blog)

We're heading to the Googleplex to find out what's happening to Gmail. Earlier reports have pointed to Google taking on Twitter. Tune in to find out if that's true.

By February 9, 2010


Vocalia for iPhone lets you speak your bookmarks

If you have an older iPhone or iPod Touch model and want to get Voice Control-like features for launching phone calls, music and Web bookmarks, here's the app for you.

By October 26, 2009


Shazam debuts in Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Shazam announces a freemium application for Windows phones that helps you find song names albums, and artists. While basic features are free, a one-time fee can get you some extras.

By October 7, 2009


Windows mobile app store, My Phone service officially opening

Windows Marketplace for Mobile and My Phone, two new services bundled into the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, are officially opening for business on Tuesday.

By October 6, 2009