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The march of the middlemen

Historically, a lot of companies and people made boatloads of money acting as intermediaries without adding much in the way of value.

By December 3, 2007


Indian call center staff sold data, TV show says

U.K. documentary shows middlemen offering to sell credit card details, but Indian IT body defends offshoring.

October 5, 2006


Setting the tone for vending machines

Ring tone vending machines destined for Best Buy, RadioShack and gas stations are the latest example of how the entertainment industry has found a way cut out the middlemen.

By March 22, 2004


Net fares unfair to traditional travel agents?

Consumer watchdogs, airline executives and representatives of online travel agencies are scheduled to testify next Wednesday in Chicago before a commission charged with learning whether the airlines unfairly bar traditional travel agents from accessing their lowest ticket prices. At the heart of the review by the National Commission to Ensure Consumer Information and Choice in the Airline Industry is why most airlines offer Net fares, often their most deeply discounted tickets, only over the Internet and not through brick-and-mortar travel agencies. Airlines are in a period of heavy cost cutting and have begun efforts to reduce distribution charges. The Internet allows the airlines to sell directly to consumers, rather than having to pay middlemen to sell to the public. For decades, the airlines relied on brick-and-mortar travel agencies and the Global Distribution Services that supplied the agencies with fare and booking information. Offline travel agencies have steadily lost business to Internet agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.

By June 21, 2002


The Net middleman who won't go away

While Dell has become the classic case study of how the Internet will make middlemen unnecessary, Ingram Micro is using the Net to rescue its fellow middlemen, the supposedly doomed computer resellers, and boost its own business. It's a tale with implications far beyond the computer industry.

July 20, 1998


Who owns the customer?

That annoying phrase marks the second phase of the debate over Internet middlemen: Who are they? Do we need them?

July 6, 1998


BuyersZone in market for leads

BuyersZone joins the ranks of Internet middlemen, the latest in a wave of Internet commerce services that attract potential buyers and then deliver them to vendors.

August 11, 1997