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A mysterious cosmic bubble captured in rainbow microwave

This image captured by the Planck space observatory is the best image to date of the mysterious Loop I structure.

By June 7, 2016


How to quickly steam fresh vegetables in the microwave

Stop buying frozen, steam-in-bag vegetables from the grocery store. Save money and time by buying fresh vegetables and steaming them with a microwave and a little cling wrap.

By March 7, 2016


7 microwave snacks you can cook in a mug

These quick and easy meal-in-a-mug recipes will give you a new appreciation for your microwave.

8 Images By February 16, 2016

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Wayv Adventurer

Wayv wants to make the microwave more than a permanent kitchen fixture with its portable Adventurer cooker.

By May 20, 2016

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Clean your microwave with just a bowl of vinegar

Give your microwave a deep clean without chemicals. All it takes is 10 minutes and a bowl of vinegar.

By December 26, 2015


True or false? Ridiculous microwave myths you can stop believing

Don't believe everything you read. Microwaves are safe, really!

By December 21, 2015


Don't put these 5 things in the microwave

Don't want your food to explode, set fires or contain dangerous chemicals? Avoid putting these in the microwave.

By December 18, 2015


10 genius ways to make microwaved food better

Your microwave can work better. Here's how.

10 Images By December 11, 2015

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GE Profile Bluetooth-Connected Ranges and Over-the-Range Microwave

GE's Chef Connect feature will pair a new line of ranges with an over-the-range microwave to automatically light the stovetop, sync the clocks, and turn on the vent fan.

By June 29, 2015


​Appliance Science Experiments: Mapping your microwave hot spots

Do you want to know how good your microwave is? You can see how many hot spots it has with a few bits of buttered bread, and you can measure the speed of light at the same time. Appliance Science looks at mapping your microwave.

By May 6, 2015