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Marissa Mayer wants Yahoo to be big in mobile. Meet Aviate

Of the almost 40 companies Marissa Mayer acquired since taking over Yahoo in 2012, artificial intelligence service Aviate — and not Tumblr — may turn out to be the biggest catch.

By April 9, 2014


Microsoft acquisitions: Its biggest hits and misses

Microsoft has spent a fortune snatching up other companies, and just dropped a cool $7.2 billion on Nokia's phone unit. Here's a look back on the company's biggest hits and misses in the risky acquisition game.

By September 3, 2013


Analyst changes tune on a Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Microsoft's poor online-services results undermine its bargaining position with Yahoo, so Cowen's Jim Friedland now deems a deal between the companies unlikely.

By April 28, 2009


Rumor: China authorities eye Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Reports are surfacing that Chinese authorities are scrutinizing Microsoft's hostile takeover of Yahoo over concerns about foreign control of the major Chinese marketplace Alibaba.

By February 19, 2008


Google will derail the Microsoft-Yahoo deal

Don Reisinger thinks Google is an integral part in ending Yahoo's deal with Microsoft. Is his theory right?

By April 17, 2008


Microsoft-Yahoo deal 'preaction'

Ahead of her trip to Latin America, News.com's Ina Fried offers her first take on a Microsoft-Yahoo deal, just in case it happens while she's gone.

By April 2, 2008


Microsoft-Yahoo combo could mean one fewer exit for upstarts

The two companies have acquired more than 150 companies, combined, over the last 12 years. Will the M&A spigot get turned down in a merged company?

By March 3, 2008


Google-DoubleClick may bode well for Microsoft-Yahoo deal

With the Google-DoubleClick merger wrapped up, Yahoo may face even greater pressure to find itself a buyout partner, according to Wall Street analysts and investors.

By March 11, 2008


Microsoft-Yahoo buyout bid: The road ahead

As Microsoft looks at the road ahead in its takeover bid for Yahoo, it might also want to glance at the rearview mirror to see what's been traveled.

By March 4, 2008


Confidence lacking in Microsoft-Yahoo merger at online ad meeting

Attendees of the Interactive Advertising Bureau annual meeting say Yahoo and Microsoft may need each other but neither really knows what to do to beat Google.

By February 25, 2008