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Answer market surveys, help charity

A new app for iOS and Android donates 10 cents to charity for every market research question answered.

By October 20, 2013


'Anti-Facebook' project nears launch

Can Diaspora, an open-source social networking project developed by NYU students, justify the hype it's received? Maybe, but it'll be tough.

By August 28, 2010


Brewing a better coffee cup online

Starbucks has thrown its weight--and $20,000 in prize money--behind a competition to design a legitimate alternative to the disposable coffee cup.

By May 21, 2010


A little microlending goes a long way

Web sites let investors do good while earning a competitive return.

By April 16, 2009


Execs see technology as economic equalizer

Intel's chairman Craig Barrett and Cisco CEO John Chambers see tech as the key to eliminating poverty throughout the world.

By January 9, 2009


Segway inventor scoots to bigger matters

From potable water to portable energy, maverick inventor Dean Kamen discusses his top concerns.

By December 4, 2006


Developing countries embrace IT

Countries raise their living standards by changing laws, building technology infrastructure and training workers to use the Web, a recent report concludes.

July 16, 2001