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Blood testing coming to a touch screen near you

People with hemophilia or on blood thinners could soon skip a trip to the doc's and instead put a drop of blood on a microfluidic sticker on their smartphone screen to test how their blood is coagulating.

By March 18, 2014


Living 'gut-on-a-chip' to help study intestinal disorders

The silicon polymer device, lined by living, human cells, mimics the 3D structures, behaviors, and environment of the human intestine.

By March 28, 2012


NASA to demonstrate super-cool cooling technology

New cooling system has no moving parts, is scalable in physical size, and can withstand extreme conditions, such as the launch of a rocket into space.

By May 27, 2011


Cooling breakthrough for computers, car electronics

Series of new formulas regarding the properties of boiling liquids will lead to more-efficient cooling systems in cars and computers, Purdue University researchers say.

By September 23, 2009


Next big cell phone app: International money transfers

Wire home cash to Gdansk with your cell. Anam, an Irish company, allows residents in Europe to transfer large amounts from a bank account in one country to another.

By September 28, 2007