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Michelin Smart Jumper cables for easier jump-starts

This set of jumpers features inline electronics which take most--but not all--of the guesswork and danger out of jump-starting a car.

By May. 16, 2011


Hands on with Michelin Smart Jumper cables (photos)

These smart cables take most--but not all--of the guesswork and danger out of jump starting your car.

9 Images May. 16, 2011


Michelin simplifies the car

Michelin shows off its Active wheel technology, which integrates electric motors and suspension equipment.

By Sep. 15, 2009


Michelin moves the motor to the tyre

It might sound counter-intuitive but if the future of the car is electric, then we could well see the motor move from the front of the car to the wheels. Well, that's what Michelin, Heuliez and Orange have in mind.

By Dec. 1, 2008


New Michelin tech puts power to the wheels

Michelin's Active Wheel tech creates many exciting possibilities for vehicles of the future.

By Dec. 1, 2008


Michelin, Chinese company join forces on electric power trains

Automotive New reports on a joint venture between Michelin and MGL to develop electric powertrains.

By Dec. 1, 2008


ViaMichelin X-960 and X-970T: Sat-navs and tour guides

ViaMichelin has unveiled two new devices that will not only tell you where to go, but where to eat and which hotels to sleep in. Handy

By Mar. 16, 2007


ViaMichelin shows North America some GPS love

ViaMichelin enters U.S. market with GPS system under $300.

By Dec. 8, 2006


ViaMichelin X-950T sat nav: tracking down treasure

Crave spent the hottest day ever stuck inside a car testing the latest ViaMichelin satellite navigation system -- for you

By Jul. 20, 2006


ViaMichelin X950T shows us the way

ViaMichelin has just shown us the highly portable X950T. It'll guide you home, help you avoid traffic, and is so clever it even listens to Classic FM

By May. 9, 2006