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Xbox 360 to shed "hardcore" gaming image: MGS head

Xbox 360 owners can expect more family friendly titles and peripheral-based games.

By April 18, 2006


MGS4 trailer now online; Kojima reveals game details

Konami has posted the Tokyo Game Show 2005 trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots on the official Web site for Kojima Productions, the development studio responsible for the series.

By September 18, 2005


MGS3: Subsistence details revealed

Konami lays down the skinny on online multiplayer modes and expanded portions of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence.

By August 17, 2005


MGS4 to be PS3-exclusive

Hideo Kojima says he has no plans to bring any Metal Gear Solid game to a non-Sony next-gen platform, but he has high praise for the Xbox 360.

By June 15, 2005


New details on 'Metal Gear Solid 4' for iPhone

Konami has updated its Web site for "Metal Gear Solid 4 Touch," the iPhone version of the hugely popular "MGS" series.

By February 20, 2009


Can Microsoft turn into Sony quickly enough?

Shane Kim, head of Microsoft Game Studios (MGS), was in Australia earlier this week, and although he never outright said it, left me with the distinct impression that Microsoft wants to be more like Sony in the gaming space.

By April 20, 2006


Microsoft details Windows Phone game plan

At the Gamescom 2010 conference in Germany, Microsoft outlines the first Xbox Live titles that will be available when Windows Phone launches this holiday season.

By August 16, 2010


Microsoft hiring for mobile game studio

The mobile game unit will help develop titles for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 and potentially other mobile platforms.

By August 12, 2010


Metal Gear Solid Touch hits Apple's App Store March 19

Konami's high-profile "shooter" makes its way onto the iPhone and iPod Touch with a $9.99 price tag on March 19.

By March 13, 2009


Do new PS3 bundles mean Slim is coming soon?

Rumor has it that Best Buy will soon begin offering a PS3 that comes with both Metal Gear Solid 4 and Killzone 2. This would be the second attractive PS3 bundle in the last few weeks. Is Sony trying to clear the channel of old consoles?

By July 6, 2009