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Bidder for Metricom's assets surfaces

Aerie Networks is in negotiations to buy half the equipment that once powered Metricom's Ricochet wireless Internet service, and could finalize plans by next week.

By September 2, 2001


Metricom assets sold for $8.25 million

The remnants of the company's $1 billion high-speed wireless network is sold to Aerie Networks. Will portions of the Ricochet network be restored?

By November 2, 2001


Aerie bids again for Metricom assets

The broadband provider is once again trying to buy the remaining assets of bankrupt Metricom, which offered the high-speed wireless "Ricochet" Internet service.

By October 29, 2001


Metricom rejects $20 million offer for assets

The bankrupt owner of the high-speed Ricochet network has spurned an offer from Denver-based Aerie Networks, but the companies are still in talks, according to an Aerie spokeswoman.

By September 7, 2001


Metricom negotiations continue

SAN JOSE, Calif.--Negotiations between Metricom and potential buyers of Metricom's Ricochet wireless Internet network continued Monday. The company was expected to name the buyers in a Monday bankruptcy court hearing. However, the continued negotiations have forced that disclosure to be delayed until at least Thursday and perhaps even later, according to a Metricom spokesman. Metricom filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. Court records show the company is $1 billion in debt.

By August 20, 2001


Metricom auction going, going...gone

An auction to sell off the company's assets is completed in less than three hours, but details of the sale won't be available until next week.

By August 16, 2001


Metricom fire sale this week

The company's assets could be sold for as little as $30 million at a bankruptcy auction later this week, according to new court filings.

By August 14, 2001


Power off: Metricom unplugs wireless network

Metricom will silence a 17-city network that will likely be auctioned off for just a fraction of its $1 billion price tag.

By August 8, 2001


Metricom to close Ricochet

The company will shut down its pioneering Ricochet wireless Internet service next week because it has failed to find a buyer for the company.

By August 2, 2001


Metricom leaves $1 billion debt trail

The Ricochet wireless Internet service provider has a $1 billion trail of debt, including $300 million owed to bondholders and hundreds of millions to WorldCom, according to court records.

By July 3, 2001