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Launch of new console draws fans, speculators

Hours before the PS3 goes on sale Thursday, people in many American cities line up for a chance to buy. CNET's Veronica Belmont went to the San Francisco Metreon to talk to the hopeful gamers.

November 1, 2007


Photos: Midnight madness for Sony's PSP

Hundreds were lined up outside San Francisco's Metreon shortly before midnight for Sony's PSP.

March 24, 2005


Xbox due, Microsoft exits Sony-owned mall

The software titan plucks its Microsoft shop out of the Japanese company's Metreon shopping complex in San Francisco--a mall that features Sony's "PlayStation" store.

November 1, 2001


Retail strategies attract Apple, Microsoft

Apple hires a former Sony executive, responsible for the Metreon complex, while Microsoft ties up with RadioShack.

By November 12, 1999