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Facebook's Oculus vision: Fact or fiction?

With the purchase of Oculus, Mark Zuckerberg is predicting that VR will usher in the next era of social networking, but as developers try to build these experiences, experts remain skeptical.

By Mar. 28, 2014


The Facebook Oculus acquisition: Weighing the pros and cons

Facebook has acquired virtual-reality darling Oculus VR, and now we've had a little time for the news to settle in. Is this really as bad as it sounds?

By Mar. 26, 2014


Photos: IBM lifts lid on Web 2.0 tech

This caption mischaracterized the code on which Metaverse is based. It is based on GarageGames' Torque Game Engine.

By Aug. 9, 2007


Areae's Raph Koster: Virtual world cash to go to entertainment

The Areae co-founder suggests that the immediate future of virtual worlds is an endless flow of kids' digital environments and that the "dreams of the metaverse" isn't coming anytime soon.

By Feb. 15, 2008


Second Life: over-hyped or scientifically significant?

Second Life and other virtual reality worlds may have a long way to go to fulfill their hype, but as the first baby steps toward imitating our real world in cyberspace, they're significant achievements that demand close attention.

By Sep. 4, 2007


The future is here: Google Earth meets virtual worlds

A futurist predicted the marriage of Google Earth and 3D, social virtual worlds when the search giant bought the Sketchup software. What's next?

By Oct. 9, 2007


Photographer exposes MMORPG gamers in the meatspace

Photographer Robbie Cooper explores the modern convergence of personal and social identities in a portrait series that pairs gamers with their virtual avatars.

By Dec. 6, 2011


Cool Web front-end for multiple virtual world entry

Known as inDuality, this alpha software allows for entering into many different virtual worlds via a single Web browser interface.

By Oct. 11, 2007


CNET News.com feature: 'Second Life,' the promise and paradox

A recap of what went on at the 'Second Life' convention this weekend in Chicago.

By Aug. 27, 2007


How 'Avatar' may predict the future of virtual worlds

When James Cameron invented a camera that integrated footage of actors directly into his digital universe, it may have presaged the worlds millions will spend time in one day.

By Jan. 28, 2010