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Discover a hidden world in the official Epic game!

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iChartNuclides is a Chart of Nuclides for the iPad utilizing its great touch pad feature to navigate around. Daughter, parent nuclides or...

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Stephen Hawking: God particle could wipe out the universe

In a preface to a new book, the famed physicist fears the Higgs Boson becoming unstable and causing a "catastrophic vacuum decay." But how likely is that really?

By September 7, 2014


Stephen Hawking declares: 'There are no black holes'

Consternation and angst reign after the famed physicist suggests there are no black holes from which light can't escape to infinity.

By January 25, 2014


Higgs Boson calculations add up to new Armageddon scenario

A Fermilab theoretical physicist suggests that qualities of the "God particle" show an "alternate" universe could easily "spread out and destroy us."

By February 19, 2013


IBM's 35 atoms and the rise of nanotech

Don Eigler moved a single atom two decades ago. Since then, he and IBM have taken new steps in pursuing a dream of compact, power-efficient computing.

By September 28, 2009