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​Google leaves most Android users exposed to hackers

An executive confirms Google has no plans to fix a security hole in the default browser for older versions of Android, which around 60 percent of all Android users rely on.

By January 24, 2015


Internet Explorer exploit release could trigger a surge in attacks

While Microsoft has yet to issue a permanent patch for a known exploit, the code could become widely available to cybercriminals after being integrated into an open-source testing tool.

By October 1, 2013


New Internet Explorer weakness already exploited in attacks

Researchers say a previously unknown hole in IE has already been used to deliver a trojan in real-world attacks.

By September 17, 2012


Microsoft offers advice to deal with IE security bug

With no fix available yet, Microsoft has a few words of wisdom for users who don't want to be bit by the newly-discovered bug.

By September 18, 2012


New Web exploit targets multiple platforms

While Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms may be affected, this effort is a crude and easily detectable attempt.

By July 10, 2012


Update Java to thwart active cross-platform exploit

A Java exploit that is actively being distributed among hackers allows easy and undetectable access to systems running OSes including Windows, Linux, and OS X.

By December 2, 2011


Skype for Mac requires manual update to fix security vulnerability

Pure Hacking's Gordon Maddern, a tech security writer, has uncovered a zero-day vulnerability affecting Mac users of the popular chat platform Skype.

By May 9, 2011


Microsoft to work with others on bug reports

Software giant details how its researchers will handle vulnerability reports affecting software from other companies and says it will coordinate multi-vendor reporting.

By April 19, 2011


Microsoft to fix four holes in Windows, Office

Patch Tuesday for March will include a "critical" bulletin affecting Windows and "important" bulletins for Windows and Office.

By March 3, 2011


Microsoft warns about application security flaw

The software maker says that it is looking into an issue that may leave many Windows programs subject to an attack mechanism known as DLL preloading, or binary planting.

By August 23, 2010