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How the Web was nearly the Mesh in podcast 380

It's 25 years since great Briton Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, so we wax nostalgic about the early Internet and arguing over the phone.

By March 14, 2014


Razer takes stab at meshing smartwatch and fitness band

Imagine a Nike Fuelband that got text messages like a Pebble. Did we mention it has dual screens?

By January 6, 2014


Windows Live Mesh users must switch by Wednesday

Microsoft will kill Live Mesh on Wednesday, so current users have only a couple of days left to jump ship to SkyDrive or a similar service.

By February 11, 2013


Microsoft: Come next February, Live Mesh will be dead

As of February 2013, Microsoft's Live Mesh PC-sync service will be no more. SkyDrive is its replacement.

By December 13, 2012


Windows 8 PC-tablet 'mesh' to go slowly, says IDC

Windows 8 and ultrabooks should spur global PC shipment growth in the latter half of the year, but don't expect the market to catch fire.

By March 20, 2012


Microsoft replaces Live Mesh with SkyDrive in Windows bundle

Live Mesh users, read the Windows Essentials 2012 fine print. Microsoft is doing what some had feared in latest services bundle -- replacing it with SkyDrive, which still doesn't offer the same set of features.

By August 8, 2012


Unbreakable: Mesh networks are in your smartphone's future

Two entrepreneurs think it's time for smartphones to start cooperating with each other by sharing network connections.

By July 13, 2012


Reporters' Roundtable Ep. 126: Mesh Networks

How and why we're going to build unbreakable, unjammable smartphone networks.

By July 12, 2012


Green Mesh open-air PC case is magically dust-free

Instead of being fully enclosed, with fan ports for proper airflow, unusual mesh PC case relies on the "chimney effect" to deal with dust.

By June 7, 2012


Dear Microsoft: Please don't take away my Live Mesh

Microsoft has cooked up yet another version of SkyDrive with several useful features, but it's missing the key benefits of Windows Live Mesh.

By April 26, 2012