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eBay, MercExchange end 'Buy it now' patent feud

It took forever, but the auction service and the e-commerce technology company finally agree to a confidential settlement in which the disputed intellectual property will change hands.

By February 28, 2008


Firm to buy up patents to ward off 'patent trolls'

San Francisco start-up RPX says it plans to buy patents for products it neither produces nor sells in order to offer legal protection for companies such as clients Cisco Systems and IBM.

By November 24, 2008


eBay wins stay in MercExchange case

A federal appeals court grants the stay to allow the Supreme Court time to review the case or send it back to lower courts.

By May 13, 2005


Patent Office chief aims to be 'technology neutral'

The 200-year-old system wasn't meant to rule out patents on software and business methods, and it's also pretty well built for weeding out the "trolls," says Jon Dudas.

By March 28, 2008


eBay wins round in 'Buy it now' patent redux

Judge won't force the auction giant to stop using the MercExchange patent, but the tiny patent-licensing firm plans to appeal.

By July 30, 2007


Supreme Court to examine 'obviousness' of patents

Justices are expected to hear arguments Tuesday in a case that could have broad implications for the tech industry.

By November 27, 2006


Restoring the patent balance of power

IP attorney John A. Artz says to expect reverberations from the Supreme Court's recent eBay v. MercExchange decision.

June 8, 2006


Politicos mull action against patent system abusers

Lawmakers continue to consider new rules aimed at discouraging "patent trolls."

By June 15, 2006


Week in review: Apple pie

For observers of all things Apple Computer, this week was chock-full of the good, the bad and the what-is-that?

By May 19, 2006


Supreme Court rules in favor of eBay

Justices order a lower court to review the case and consider a medley of factors before issuing patent injunctions.

By May 15, 2006