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Sonos Play:1 speaker on sale, despite no mention of launch

The unannounced wireless speaker is on sale in at least one Target store and comes in the customer's choice of white or black.

By Oct. 9, 2013


iCloud mention out of character for Apple

Apple is a company that likes to keep a secret, so why did it out the name of its new product ahead of actually telling people what it does?

By May. 31, 2011


The Queue: No mention of iPhone here!

A DIY digital newsstand, the day digital radio went silent, Plaxo gets better connected, a virtual computer for $13 a month, and iPhone camp guides (OK, we lied about the no-iPhone part).

May. 21, 2008


Ozzie opens Mix with Yahoo mention

Microsoft's chief software architect makes one of his rare public appearances, opening his Mix '08 talk with comments--but no new details--on Microsoft's Yahoo bid.

By Mar. 5, 2008


Yahoo gets nary a mention at Microsoft confab

Microsoft makes its pitch to advertisers without discussing the Internet pioneer with whom it is in negotiations.

By May. 20, 2008


Apple acknowledges iPod touch screen issues in support article, no mention of iPhone

Apple acknowledges iPod touch screen issues in support article, no mention of iPhone

By Oct. 5, 2007


Let's talk toolbars: Conduit and Critical Mention

Two companies from AlwaysOn.

By Feb. 1, 2007


Anything called the Annoy-a-Tron is worth a mention here

Bug your friends, family, and co-workers.

By Nov. 28, 2006


HP's Hurd: Whatever you do, don't mention <i>her</i>

At iMeme conference, CEO sidesteps questions about how much his predecessor had to do with company's success.

By Jul. 13, 2007


Gates memo: No mention of 'trustworthy computing'

Chairman Bill Gates says Microsoft must recognize the ongoing "sea change" toward online services. Missing from his list is his "trustworthy computing" e-mail from 2002.

By Nov. 9, 2005